Wilder Verges project report- great success!

BHCC recently released a report on the Wilder Verges pilot study, which looked at whether managing our city’s road verges in a more targeted fashion could benefit people and wildlife. The results show how small changes in how we manage the landscape around us can have significant benefits to nature, even in a short timespan.

BHWF have been working in partnership with BHCC on the project since it began in 2021, with members offering expertise, advice and surveying. The forum looks forward to working with BHCC over the coming years to continue to refine the project and look for other suitable grassland areas to expand into.

“The Wilder Verges project helped to increase our diverse range of wildlife and plants. Its aim was also to bring residents and visitors closer to nature.

We monitored the Wilder Verges areas to learn how changes to how often and when we mow, affected our urban nature.

The results, detailed in our Wilder Verges Report show:

-nearly half (48%) of the sites saw an increase in pollinator or downland plant species present (11 out of the 23 sites)
-10 out of 23 sites (43%) saw the amount of pollinator species increase from 2021 (short mown) to 2022 (unmown during the main flowering season)
-70% of the verges (16 out of 23) recorded a pollinator or downland plant species not seen as present in the 2021 survey.”

Read the Wilder Verges project report summary.

Write to your local councillors in support of the project, highlighting the benefits to people and nature! Please cc in btnhovewildlife@gmail.com

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