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Brighton and Hove City Downland Estate Plan (CDEP)

BHCC has created a whole estate plan for its vast Downland estate which stretches from Southwick in the West to Saltdean in the East. As part of this process, in 2021/2022 it consulted residents and other stakeholders on how the land should be used and managed over the next century.

The plan represents a once in a generation opportunity to bring about real change, moving away from unsustainable practices and acting on the biodiversity, climate and social emergencies our community faces. If implemented well it could allow us to restore the Brighton Downs to the nature rich, free and open landscape our ancestors once knew.

Click on the link below to see contributions to the public consultation from the community and organisations such as Sussex Wildlife Trust, made during the initial phase of CDEP public consultations in 2020/2021

The CDEP has now been finalised and is going to SDNP for endorsement, before adoption as an official policy document by BHCC. The CDEP sets out an ambitious vision for a restored, nature rich and accessible Downland estate, with targets and policies which could bring about this change.

BHWF has a seat on the Downland Advisory Panel which will help steer the implementation of the plan.

Brighton Downs Alliance

BHWF is a member of Brighton Downs Alliance, a group of 30+ organisations, experts and individuals campaigning for downland ecosystem restoration, community-led food growing and open, free public connection with the public downland of Brighton and Hove.

Save Our Starlings– Brighton’s Starlings are in serious decline. Brighton’s iconic murmuration could be gone by 2026. This is largely due to climate change, a lack of nesting opportunities and pesticides destroying the invertebrate life in our soils which they rely upon for food. BHWF is working with artists Louise McCurdy and Steve Geliot in their efforts to spread the message that our Starlings need our help and to find ways to improve the situation. 

Word is getting out, a petition on calling for the end of pesticide use on the Brighton Downs is now at over 150,000 signatures and climbing:

Louise made 100 nest boxes as part of their “Undercurrents” exhibition which ran February- March 2022 and told the story of our Starlings and their main predator the Peregrine Falcon. These boxes have been distributed around the city and put up in public places. Save Our Starlings are now making T shirts to fund further boxes and wider efforts to help Starlings in the city. 

You can purchase on of these t-shirts via the link below:

“BHWF looks forward to a future where nature and our community live together to our mutual benefit, enabling our city to play its part in addressing the nature and climate crises.”


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Last updated 25 February 2021

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