Help Save Benfield Valley!

Benfield Valley is one of the remaining threads still connecting our city to the Downs, acting as a refuge for wildlife right in the heart of the urban landscape and a place for people to connect with nature on their doorstep.

The Benfield Valley Project has been working with Benfield Wildlife and Conservation Group to protect this area from development and inspire the community to care for the greenspace.

They are holding a protest on Sunday 16th October, 4:30pm in Greenlees car park, looking to push back at attempts to develop an area in the heart of the LWS. This would fracture the site and set a precedent for further development.

Please go and support, and spread the word to your communities. Similar efforts will be taking place at sites across the city and the more we support one another the louder our voice will be.

Also, please find below a lovely article on Benfield Local Nature Reserve which was printed in a recent edition of the Hovarian.

See below from Sally Hubbard, chair of Benfield Wildlife and Conservation Group

“Ahead of celebrating our 30th anniversary as a Local Nature Reserve next year, I am delighted our group is featured in this month’s issue of the Hovarian Magazine. This sets out the unique characteristics of Benfield Hill and its precious habitat. The article James and I wrote is a timely reminder of the need to protect and preserve Brighton & Hove’s first Local Nature Reserve. If you are interested in supporting our efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you to @jamestulley and the Hovarian. Please see the link to the article. #conservation #protection #nature #wildlife #community

Please note there is reference to a task day for volunteers on 23rd October but this is being postponed to 26th November.”