Things to do at home

Make a Wildflower Meadow

Making a wildflower meadow is a fantastic way of supporting a whole host of species, from butterflies and bees to bats and birds.

It can be as simple as tweaking the mowing regime of your lawn. And even if you don’t have a lawn you can still make a meadow by creating a wildflower area in your borders or growing native wildflowers in pots.

Click here to find out more, via Plantlife’s Meadows’ Hub

For advice and to buy ethically produced native wildflowers of local provenance contact Wild Flower Conservation Society- Brighton and Beyond

Build a wildlife pond

From a sunken old washing up bowl tub pond to a lake, freshwater bodies are the best way of bringing nature into your gardens and green spaces. So long as you stick to a few simple rules, in no time you will have a bustling ecosystem in your backyard which will bring endless entertainment and give your local wildlife a place to stop by for a drink, a bathe or to breed.

Click here to find out how to make a small tub pond

Click here to find out how to make a larger wildlife pond

Create a Hoverfly Lagoon

There are over 280 species of Hoverfly in the UK and they are some of our busiest pollinators and predators of aphids. You can give them a helping hand by creating a Hoverfly lagoon out of any watertight container, from a tin can to a plastic bottle or a bucket….

Click here to find out how to make a Hoverfly lagoon

Put up a bird box

Bird boxes come in all shapes and sizes depending on which species the box is designed to attract. Some can be placed low down in a quiet corner of the garden to attract Wrens or Robins, others are best placed high up under the eaves to draw in passing Swifts or House Sparrows. Whatever your garden or green space can offer, there is a box (and bird) for you.

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Last updated 25 February 2021