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We are currently working with BHCC and our Living Coast Biosphere Partners advising on biodiversity matters on:

Wilder Verges Pilot Study

BHWF is working with BHCC and local groups to look at ways of managing our city’s road verges in a more sustainable way, which would bring colour and vibrancy to the heart of the city, benefitting people and wildlife.

Click here to find out more about how the Wilder Verges project is progressing.

To get involved with the project please email BHCC Sustainability Officer Cheyenne Plant

See below for the great work already being done by other groups and local authorities around the country using Plantlife’s guidance…

The Black Rock Development-

Save Our Starlings

Brighton’s Starlings are in serious decline. Brighton’s iconic murmuration could be gone by 2026. This is largely due to climate change, a lack of nesting opportunities and pesticides destroying the invertebrate life in our soils which they rely upon for food. BHWF is working with artists Louise McCurdy and Steve Geliot in their efforts to spread the message that our Starlings need our help and to find ways to improve the situation.

Word is getting out, a petition on calling for the end of pesticide use on the Brighton Downs is now at over 150,000 signatures and climbing:

Louise made 100 nest boxes as part of their “Undercurrents” exhibition which ran February- March 2022 and told the story of our Starlings and their main predator the Peregrine Falcon. These boxes have been distributed around the city and put up in public places. Save Our Starlings are now making T shirts to fund further boxes and wider efforts to help Starlings in the city.

You can purchase on of these t-shirts via the link below:

The Brighton House Sparrow Project

House Sparrows are facing similar pressures as our Starlings and are declining accordingly. To find out more about our efforts to save this charismatic little bird click on the link below: