Wildlife and Geological Sites

Wildlife and Geological Sites

We currently have 52 designated Local Wildlife Sites (including 1 National Nature Reserve/SSSI and 8 Local Nature Reserves) and 4 Geological Sites in Brighton and Hove.

However, the fabric of the city’s natural landscape extends far beyond these, across the many gardens, green spaces, beaches, cliffs, and the sea and sky beyond.

The map below shows ‘BHWF suggested wildlife sites’, LNRs, Geological Sites, Marine Sites and BHCC designated sites:’ Click the icon at the upper right corner to expand this.

Mature trees at Wildpark LNR

National Nature Reserves and Sites of Special Scientific Interest

Castle Hill NNR/SSSI

Local Nature Reserves

Beacon Hill LNR

Benfield Hill LNR

Bevendean Down LNR

Ladies Mile LNR

Stanmer Park LNR

Withdean Woods LNR

Whitehawk Hill LNR

Wild Park LNR

Geological Sites

Black Rock

Friar’s Bay to Brighton Marina

Goldstone (Hove Park)

Stanmer Village