BHWF rock pooling session with Gerald Legg

Thank you to everyone who came along to our guided BHWF rockpooling session with Gerald Legg, former keeper of Natural Sciences at the Booth museum and expert in all things shoreline.
Lots of fascinating finds on what was a spectacular afternoon’s low tide for tipping rocks.
We are so lucky to have this otherworldly habitat on our doorstep. Why not head down to see what you can see? Remember to always put things back exactly as you found them.
Photo Credits- Ryan Greaves, Colin Leeves, Paolo Oprandi, Dee McCarthy
Common Blenny aka the Shanny (Lipophrys pholis)
Hairy Crab
Snakelocks Anemone
Spider Crab exuviae (shed shells)
Boring Piddock
Broad Clawed Porcelain Crab
Fish Eggs
Chiton and Keel Worms
Green Sea Urchin
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