Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

BHWF Privacy Policy

Introduction and Interpretation

1. This Policy belongs to Brighton and Hove’s Wildlife Forum (abbreviated as BHWF hereafter). It was written following ICO ( guidelines which were applied from 25 May 2018 in respect of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

2. This Policy will be implemented from 25 May 2018 onward and subject to periodic review as required.

3. All interpretation is intended to comply with Laws relating to England and Wales.

4. This Policy is not intended to be a legally binding statement. It does not give rise to, nor imply, any Financial Obligations.

5. BHWF maintains a list of members for the purpose of enacting its Objective: ‘To promote nature conservation and biodiversity across Brighton and Hove’

6. ALL members have previously requested inclusion within BHWF.

The Membership List

7. The Membership List contains only the following:

● ABBREVIATION CODE (for identification)



● SURNAME or NAME OF GROUP (as appropriate)

● SUMMARY OF PRIMARY INTEREST(S) (this is fewer than a dozen words)

8. Any member can request to view their personal record by writing to BHWF. Their record will only be sent in full and unedited text form to their registered e-mail address.

9. Any member can request to amend or have their record removed by sending an e-mail to BHWF from their registered e-mail address. This request will be actioned and concluded within one working week.

10. No details of any member(s) will be sent to a Third Party.

11. The membership list will not be passed on to any third party, used for marketing purposes nor sold on.

12. The membership list will be stored in an encrypted form available to only the elected BHWF Chairman (or Chairperson) the elected BHWF General Secretary

Communications and Sub-Groups

13. Occasionally BHWF will send messages to selected groups or all members. These will be sent using a BCC: option. This method will normally ensure members only see the message sent to their registered e-mail address.

14. For specific project a Sub-Group of members’ e-mail addresses may be formed. This will use a BCC: option, unless a particular member agrees to their address being used on a CC: option which is visible to all other recipients within the Sub-Group.

15. Where an Issue arises in line with the Forum’s Objective BHWF may contact appropriate member(s) informing them individually and seeking their view on the issue. Written consent will be obtained before their contact details are sent on to another BHWF member, organisation or individual in connection with the issue.


16. This Policy is published on the BHWF Constitution page of the website.

17. It will be subject to 5 yearly reviews, or sooner subject to a specific request being received.

18. Any specific request to review the BHWF Privacy Policy must be made in writing to BHWF. The request will be formally considered and a response prepared at a Formal BHWF Committee meeting.

Brighton and Hove’s Wildlife Forum

19 June 2018

(BHWF Privacy Policy Draft 3

Confirmed 17 July 2018 Committee)