Local Wildlife Sites

Map of LNRs, SSSIs and Local Wildlife Sites

GENERAL LOCATION: Brighton and Hove Boundary

General Location of BH Legal Boundary

DETAILED LOCATIONS: Brighton and Hove 2000m Tetrads (A-Z, 1,2,3,4) (HINT: Use left-right scrollbar on your browser if this map is too large) Wildlife Sites locations were added in summer 2014. Details need to be confirmed.

Brighton Hove Base Map with Tetrads indicated


Click on this map for overview of approximate site location (same as in left navigation box on BHWF webpages)

PLEASE let Martin or John know (via: btnhovewildlife'@-symbol'gmail.com ) which Tetrads you can lead on, and this page will be updated.


Link to LIST OF SITES DISCUSSED AND AGREED in 2013 meetings.

UPDATED: 17 July 2018